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UTRscan section

UTRscan is a pattern matcher which searches protein or nucleotide (DNA, RNA, tRNA) sequences in order to find UTR motifs. It is able to find, in a given sequence, motifs that characterize 3'UTR and 5'UTR sequences. Such motifs are defined in the UTRSite Database, a collection of functional sequence patterns located in the 5'- or 3'-UTR sequences. The UTRsite entries describe the various regulatory elements present in UTR regions and whose functional role has been established on experimental basis. Each UTRsite entry is constucted on the basis of information reported in the literature and revised by scientists experimentally working on the functional characterization of the relevant UTR regulatory element. UTRsite database could reveal very useful for automatic annotation of anonymous sequences generated by sequencing projects as well as for finding previously undetected signals in known gene sequences.

For a full and updated list of UTR motifs see UTRSite Home Page.

UTRblast section

UTRblast utility allows database searches against fully annotated UTRdb entries.